We are proud to provide mental health, learning disability and community services across Greater Manchester.

Our 5,500 dedicated staff deliver care in six boroughs of the region, working across health centres, community clinics, GP practices and hospitals:

  • Bury, Oldham and Rochdale – community, mental health and learning disability services for children and adults
  • Tameside and Glossop – children and adult mental health and learning disability services, health improvement and intermediate care
  • Stockport – children and adult mental health and learning disability services
  • Trafford – community mental health and learning disability services, child adolescent mental health services (CAMHS)

Our mental health teams provide care and treatment for people with mild to moderate conditions such as depression, anxiety or dementia, or more serious mental health illnesses such as schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder. We run Healthy Minds (psychological therapies), drug and alcohol services, psychiatric intensive care, rehabilitation services and many more.

Our learning disability services are for people with a moderate to profound level of learning disability, such as those with downs syndrome.

Our community services are wide-ranging and support people to stay out of hospital, from birth right through to the end of their life, including district nursing, health visiting, audiology, podiatry, health improvement and intermediate care.

For more detailed information about the services we provide in each town, visit our service directory.


Our new strategy

We are developing our future strategy to ensure we provide the highest quality services in the years ahead.

This development follows a review of all our services, discussions with our commissioners about community health services, and looking at how our services fit in with developing local care organisations.

We have spent a lot of time carefully considering the different options, centred on what is best for patients and listening to views.  We need to focus on where we can add the greatest ‘value’.

We have now agreed that our new strategy will focus on providing the highest quality mental health and learning disability services. We want to improve and enhance our mental health, learning disability and wellbeing services in their broadest sense. We also want to capitalise on the national focus on mental health.

As part of this new strategy, our community (physical health) services in Bury, Oldham, Rochdale and Trafford will be moving to new NHS provider organisations. We have been very proud to run community (physical health) services over the last seven years and there have been significant achievements, but things have changed.  As local care organisations and hospital chains continue to develop, we believe there are other provider organisations better positioned to enable these community services to achieve more for the benefit of local people.

Our community health (physical health) staff will therefore be moving to another local NHS provider organisation in 2019, and we will be working hard to ensure the smoothest possible transfer.

We plan to launch our new strategy in September 2019. We will continue to play an integral role in local health and social care developments; as a positive local care alliance partner.

For more information, you can read our future strategy position paper here